Transformation Through Capacity-Building

Capacity Image
Prior to the start of the afterschool year, Knockout Obesity’s two coaches provide two, one-hour training sessions to the program managers and front-line staff of the CBO partner site in order to train them on the program model. This is a crucial part of the program as the CBO partner site will be responsible for operating the program independently every other week during the second half of the school year. The initial orientation and training is two-hours long and all participants receive a binder filled with lesson plans covering the entire 36-week curriculum, as well as all required evaluation materials.
Over the next twelve weeks (October to December), Knockout Obesity’s two coaches deliver the program twice weekly at the CBO partner site. This provides 24 additional hours of training during which program managers and front-line staff are able to observe the program in action while serving as co-facilitators. Knockout Obesity’s coaches are available before and after each of the two weekly classes to answer any questions from CBO staff about program implementation. In addition, Knockout Obesity encourages CBO partners to call or email with any questions as they arise. In addition to providing CBO partner sites with the program model, Knockout Obesity also donates all of the equipment, lesson plans, and evaluation materials required to implement the physical fitness and nutrition education components of the program. This includes: jump ropes, punching pads, boxing gloves, hand tape, Knockout Obesity’s 72-lesson physical fitness and nutrition education curriculum (in a binder), etc. This in-kind donation, valued at approximately $1,700, is critical as many CBO partner sites struggle with limited budgets and could not otherwise afford to enrich their afterschool programming with physical fitness and nutrition education. It is this Transformation of the skills and resources available to CBOs to fight obesity that will enable lasting change.