October 1, 2012  |  By: Harold Mandel

Medscape reports that obesity is a significant public health crisis in the United States and across the rest of the industrialized world. The prevalence of obesity is increasing rapidly in numerous industrialized nations worldwide. In order to avoid obesity’s potential toll on morbidity, mortality, and economics the growing pandemic of obesity needs urgent attention.

In the United States alone the annual cost of managing obesity amounts to approximately $100 billion, of which about $52 billion are direct costs of health care. These high costs amount to about 5.7% of all health-related expenditures in the United States. And the estimated cost of lost productivity due to obesity is approximately $3.9 billion, with another $33 billion spent annually on weight-loss products and services.

In a telephone interview today with Katherine Kostreva, who works with public relations forKnockout Obesity, I was impressed with the initiative of this group to work hard to associate fighting obesity with the challenging sport of boxing. Katherine was enthusiastic about the work of her group and the successes of Knockout Obesity in helping obese people in New York City fight this problem. The mission of Knockout Obesity is to end obesity in the United States, beginning in New York City. Knockout Obesity wants to help you live your dreams in life without being stopped short by obesity.

 Dimitrios Verteouris, founder of Knockout Obesity
Dimitrios Verteouris, founder of Knockout Obesity
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Reproduced with permission from Katherine Kostreva, public relations, Knockout Obesity

The primary inspiration for Knockout Obesity has been the founder, Dimitrios Verteouris, who lost 85 lbs in three months, as featured on Food Network’s reality series Fat Chef. When he was a kid he had two open heart surgeries and was told that he would not live past the age of 35 if he did not lose a lot of weight. As of this time he has lost 103 lbs in 6 months, training 5 days a week using boxing as his primary force.

Now Dimitrios wants to share his success with others at Knockout Obesity. His story is an inspiration. Dimitrios is currently an amateur heavyweight boxer and he owns three Nature’s Grill restaurants in Brooklyn. Dimitrios has said “Anything is possible! I was 327 pounds and on the way to being diabetic, or possibly buried 6 feet under. If I can succeed, anyone is capable of living their dreams, too. They should not let obesity trap them any longer!”

Dimitrios has come up with a great idea, for a lot of interested people, to associate losing weight with the challenging sport of boxing. Knockout Obesity winners are certain to come out of this experience not just with trimmer and healthier bodies, but also with a sense of enhanced self-esteem which comes with participating in sports. Knockout Obesity showcases the journey of its five participants with a web based reality series, viewable on the website and via YouTube.

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