Knockout Obesity, Inc.’s mission is to combat childhood obesity by providing nutritional and physical education, and programming, using the tenets of boxing, while partnering with private and non-profit organizations to reach both youth and adults in need. This mission was created because childhood obesity is one of the leading health concerns in the United States of America and has long been on the rise, especially in low-income urban communities.


Using action and awareness to empower change in the community to end childhood obesity in Brooklyn, New York.


Childhood obesity has steadily increased over the years, becoming a major health crisis that has more than doubled in children since the 1970si. Unfortunately, children living in NYC’s most vulnerable communities face many obstacles that hinder healthy and active lifestyles. If these obstacles are not adequately addressed, these children will be at increased risk for negative outcomes associated with childhood obesity: serious illness, low self-esteem, academic struggles, and decreased productivity.

Established in 2013, Knockout Obesity, Inc. is dedicated to helping children develop physical fitness and nutrition habits that will promote healthy lifestyles and prevent obesity. With generous private donations, Knockout Obesity piloted its innovative program model at The Boys’ Club of New York in 2013 and officially launched the program at Good Shepherd Services’ Miccio Cornerstone Center in 2014.

Motivated by his own experience with obesity, restaurateur Dimitrios Verteouris, founded Knockout Obesity to help prevent childhood obesity. Knockout Obesity’s signature program offers a three-pronged approach: Physical Fitness, Nutrition Education, and Capacity-Building.