Information Through Nutrition Education

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Following 45 minutes of physical fitness, participants receive 15 minutes of nutrition education at the end of each of the two weekly classes. With the guidance of experienced school teachers, KO Obesity developed a 36-week nutrition education curriculum comprised of 72 sequential lesson plans. The curriculum is designed to promote the 13 healthy eating outcomes outlined in the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Health Education Curriculum Analysis Tool (HECAT). Children will frequently be given information and assignments to take home and share with their families since the eating decisions of young people are influenced, if not entirely controlled, by their family’s decisions.
The coaches encourage participants to ask questions, voice concerns, and share their opinions during the nutrition education workshops. This enables the coaches to tailor the curriculum to the specific needs of participants, and enables participants to feel competent and confident when it comes to making healthy eating choices. Overcoming the shame that often accompanies obesity is critical. By fostering a roundtable discussion about healthy and unhealthy eating habits, participants recognize that they are not alone in their situation and feel empowered by sharing resources with each other. Through this exchange and examination of health Information, participants will increase their knowledge of nutrition and develop improved eating habits.