Inspiration Through Physical Fitness

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Knockout Obesity’s founder, Dimitrios Verteouris, and a professional boxing trainer, serve as coaches and engage participants in 45 minutes of non-contact, boxing-based training two times per week. Each session begins with a warm-up consisting of movement-based stretching and light calisthenics to “awaken” bodies, increase heart rates, and prepare the class for more intense activities. Following the warm-up, the coaches lead the class through a circuit of boxing-based fitness activities that include: stretching and warm-up, shadow jump rope, padwork, push-ups, sit-ups, and footwork. The class is conducted at a pace that fosters improvements in cardiovascular health and stamina and helps burn fat and calories. Since the activities are non-contact, they promote cooperation and teamwork rather than competition. This supportive and inclusive environment is an integral part of the program.

The coaches define success as full effort and only use positive language and upbeat attitudes to motivate participants. This strength-based approach enables participants to walk away feeling competent and confident in their ability to perform the exercises and is crucial to the long-term success of the program. Overcoming obesity is a physically, emotionally, and psychologically demanding task that requires persistence and compassionate encouragement from a trusted support network. The professional boxing trainers are skilled and experienced at motivating clients to succeed. Dimitrios has undergone the training program and successfully lowered his body weight from 327 to 227 pounds. He understands what the participants are going through and serves as an example of what they can accomplish if they remain positive and focused. It is this Inspiration that is as important as the actual calories burned, in helping participants develop more active lifestyles and shed pounds on the path to eliminating obesity.